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the FunAdvice Blog

Our sign up process, we thought, was great. Back in January, we achieved numbers that were better than any we had before of sign ups and post sign up confirmations. It was great.

Then we took a fresh look at some of the issues people write to us about. We thought, what if people could use the site, instantly? We tried it before years ago but fell in love with different notions, so we decided to bring it back to the old schoo way of doing things.

Exit rates from our site up page were 30% until last week. The big difference? Previously, new members got a thanks page, and an RTFM style message telling them to fetch an email before they could login and use the service.

Boo. Now, we have a 15% exit rate from the sign up page. I think we can do better still, but its a solid boost in the numbers.

As a former marketing consultant, I hate stereotypes. Of the owners, we have only 33% American born citizens as well. If that was what I was after, Id start watching Jersey Shore.

Its called Rescue at Pine Ridge, and its been critically acclaimed by readers on both Barnes Noble as well as Amazon.

We hear you. Now that its a company and not virtual, the plan is to build, launch and improve things weekly so you should be thrilled with our performance even more than before! over the next six months at least :


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