The Folk Song Index

The Folk Song Index

The opportunity to develop a collaborative project between a college library and a notforprofit, educational organization does not happen often, making the Oberlin College and Sing Out! collaboration special.

The project began in 2004 when Kathy Abromeit from the Oberlin Conservatory Library called Mark Moss at Sing Out! seeking advice to start a folk song database at Oberlin. Sing Out! had started such a database years earlier and agreed to send their database as seed for a larger collaborative project that the Oberlin College Libraries would host.

The records that had been entered and sent to Oberlin were from the Sing Out! Resource Center, a collection of recordings, photos, books, periodicals and other items, located at the corporate headquarters of Sing Out! in downtown Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Since that time, Oberlin Conservatory Library student employees, under the supervision of Kathy Abromeit,

have been indexing folk song anthologies owned in the Oberlin Conservatory Library.

We hope that you sit back and enjoy the cultural diversity and heritage of all the traditional and contemporary folk musics listed in the index. This is where you meet the music of the people!


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