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SACRAMENTO The FBI issued an AMBER alert Friday for a 2yearold Sacramento girl who has been missing for nearly a week since she was taken by her father after her mother was granted custody of the toddler. FBI agent John Cauthen said Mourad Samaan and his daughter, Madeline SamaanFay, were last seen in a Sacramento Raleys grocery store Sunday. Since then, guys gone electronically dark. No cell phone, no banking, no email, no nothing, Cauthen said. was formerly in contact with family members. . He has never essentially disappeared like this. Samaan was served the day before with a notice that the girls mother was awarded full custody of their daughter, ending what had been a joint custody arrangement, Cauthen said. He then failed to return the child to her mother as expected. been working on this for a week and pouring resources into it, using all the resources available to us. We believe the child may be in danger, he said. Samaan has not been charged with a crime. Though Samaan is f
luent in Spanish, the pair is believed to still be somewhere in California because there have been no border sightings, Cauthen said. citizen. The mother didnt report the girl missing until Tuesday. not unusual when people are in distress to not notify law enforcement immediately, Cauthen said. us, the time of reporting is kind of irrelevant to the investigation, other than we got a late start. The FBI asked the public for its help in spotting the pair or Samaans vehicle. He drives a Green Toyota 4Runner, California license plate: 3XRM111. The FBI also released photographs of the pair, including a photo showing them in the grocery store Sunday. Samaan has some connections to the San Francisco Bay area, but none have checked out, Cauthen said. About 12 people were in an FBI command center Friday evening taking phone calls from the public. dont have any great tips as of yet, Cauthen said. reality is weve got nothing. Samaan is 49, 5 feet, 6 inches tall, weighs 160 pounds and has black
hair and brown eyes. His daughter is 2feet, 8inches tall and weighs 28 pounds. She has brown hair and eyes.

The app is called Venmo, and it allows you to exchange payments with people in your social circles via your smartphone. Its free to download and use, so long as you link your account to your banking account or a debit card using a credit card carries a 3 percent transaction fee. The app links your Facebook friends and email contacts to your bank account. All data is sent over a 256bit encrypted connection the same encryption method used to protect classified government information and transactions are protected by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. This Southwestern city, with its landscape, its culture, its people and its pitfalls, is practically a living, breathing character on AMCs Breaking Bad. When the final eight episodes of Breaking Bad get underway Aug. 11, many fans will experience a painful withdrawal from a drama thats become evermore addicting since its 2008 debut. Of course, a city is only as real as whats inside its borders. Here are six stories behind realli fe locations of Breaking Bad. Full Story


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