New community complex under way

New community complex under way

South county residents will have a community center rivaling the size of the Prince George Sports and Learning Complex in Landover when a new facility for recreation, education and job training opens in Fort Washington.

Construction began on the Southern Region Technology and Sports Complex after a Dec. 9 groundbreaking ceremony with state and county officials.

The $13 million building is scheduled to be completed in early 2011; the 36,000squarefoot facility will be built on 15 acres on Bock Road near Rosecroft Raceway. The site is being developed by TuckmanBarbee Construction Co. Inc. of Upper Marlboro.

The complex will include a technology wing where classes will be available in digital photography, robotics, video game design and audio recording, and fitness rooms, two gymnasiums and a rockclimbing wall will also be featured inside. The building will have an ecofriendly roof and a geothermal heating and cooling system and will be LEED Silver certified, meeting a national standard for environmental sustainability and energy conservation.

County officials said the complex has been on the books since the early 1980s, but everything from economic downturns to a lack of political representation advocating for the project in south county kept the complex from materializing. It wasn until 2006 that the MarylandNational Capital Park and Planning Commission got approval to start making plans and scouting locations for the project. Funding for the project came largely from MNCPPC and state bonds.

County officials are banking on the site to raise the profile of south county and give residents more recreation and education opportunities. Residents had long complained there were no comparable recreational facilities to the Sports and Learning Complex in the area.

are in the midst of something that so outstanding and remarkable, said County Councilman Tony Knotts DDist. 8 of Temple Hills during the ceremony. thought that the complex would not happen. Now we have something to show off. G. Lawlah, secretary of the Maryland Department of Aging and former state senator for the area, said that securing funding from the state for the project meant that it had to wait at the back of the line.

were outnumbered in terms of getting in line to get goodies, she said. are so few municipalities in south county, so you don have that organized leadership. Quarrick, the MNCPPC chief of park planning and development for the county, said residents in the community requested a large facility to offer many services and one that encompasses technology; classroom space with traditional features like multipurpose rooms, dance and aerobic space; and 21st century features like an Internet caf a major technology and recreational center, he said. don have anything like it in south county. Residents said they hope the facility would offer new opportunities to both young and old.


Murder suspect hadfelonies pending

Murder suspect had 10 felonies pending

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KH Jewelry Line Raymond Lee Jewelers Blog

KH Jewelry Line Raymond Lee Jewelers Blog

Welcome to the Raymond Lee Jewelers Blog!We so happy to have you! Please make yourself at home, and enjoy the latest breaking news, professional insights and sneak peaks at approaching trends in jewelry and fashion. RSS FEED

Raymond Lee Jewelers BlogRaymond Lee Jewelers Blog

The radiantly reminiscent daughter of Goldie Hawn, Kate Hudson has been greatly admired for her perfect mixture of humor and beauty from the moment she was seen on screen. We first embraced Kate Hudson as Penny Lane, her breakout role in the 2000 film Almost Famous and havent looked back. RSS FEED Raymond Lee Jewelers BlogRaymond Lee Jewelers Blog This timepieceinspired statement necklace by jewelry designer Erwin Pearl, circa 1970s is in my humble and personal opinion, the glue that holds this bodacious outfit together. Sometimes an outfit even as adorable and stylish as this one, with a great pink pencil skirt and amazing matching clutch and heels still needs that one illuminating piece of jewelry that ties every piece together in perfect stylish harmony. Karlas Closet is an awesome strictly vintage venture, worth taking a look at! We found this statement vintage necklace absolutely fabulous, and are offering a sneak peak at our 18k yellow gold heavy chain toggle clasp necklace, w
ith diamond and citrine enhancers! : Enjoy! Alexandra via Raymond Lee Jewelers BlogKate Middleton: Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed and Something Blue Raymond Lee Jewelers Blog As of Friday, April 29th, the longterm romance between Will and Kate becomes official Monarch History. The couple was officially titled by Queen Elizabeth the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. A graceful and glamorous Kate Middleton and handsomely proud Prince William remained impressively composed, appearing to be in complete adoration of one another as millions of onlookers crowded the streets of London, and tuned in from across the pond to catch a glimpse of the Royal Wedding. A million people roared their approval as the royal couple then paraded through London in an open carriage. In a charming canary yellow ensemble, Queen Elizabeth exhibited her Royal Style on Friday. The Queen wore an Angela Kelly single crepe wool dress design with hand sewn beading. Pinned to her matching double crepe w
ool tailored primrose coat was Queen Marys True Lovers Knot diamond brooch. Her hat with silk roses also designed by Angela Kelly was a lovely addition to her outfit. Ladylike accessories like white gloves, pearl necklace and white handbag added a timeless elegance. One element of this historic wedding that the media outlets are buzzing over wildly is the jewelry worn by Kate Middleton on her.

Illinois man arrested for sexually abusing peacock

Illinois man arrested for sexually abusing peacock

The Daily Herald reports that 64yearold David Beckman of Roselle, Illinois was charged with misdemeanor animal cruelty after police learned of the alleged sexual abuse. NBC Chicago reports that Roselle police were investigating Beckman on suspicion of indecent solicitation of a minor when they found out about the peacock. The bird, named Phyl, was found dead in Beckmans garage.

On Wednesday, Beckman was booked into the DuPage County Jail and charged with battery and attempted indecent solicitation of a child. He also faces charges of marijuana and drug paraphernalia possession. Bond has been set at $10,000. An arraignment is scheduled for June 12.

Beckmans arrest comes less than a month after 21yearold Seadon Collins Etienne Henrich, a North Carolina animal shelter volunteer, was arrested and charged with sexually molesting dogs in his care.

While bestiality against dogs is somewhat common, manonbird crimes against nature are far rarer, but they do occur. In March, habitual bestial offender Michael C. Bessigano of New Chicago, Indiana was arrested and charged with having sex with a guinea fowl, which died from trauma endured during the incident. And in January, Goliath Nyirenda of Zambia, southern Africa, was jailed after allegedly raping a chicken, which later died of its injuries.

How to Bake a Potato in the Microwave

How to Bake a Potato in the Microwave

Try putting the potato in for 5 minutes to begin with, then take it out and turn it over so that both sides cook evenly. Place it back in the microwave for another 35 minutes, depending on how soft it is already. After that, if it still doesnt feel fully cooked, continue to microwave it in 1 minute bursts, checking after each minute.3

If you are cooking multiple potatoes at once, you will need to increase the cooking time by about twothirds. For example, if one large potato takes 10 minutes to cook, two large potatoes would take between 1617 minutes.

If you prefer crispy skinned potatoes, you can cook the potatoes in the microwave for 56 minutes, then transfer to a baking sheet and bake in an oven preheated to 400 degrees F for 20 minutes. This method is great if you want ovencrisp potato skins, in less than half the normal cooking time!3

Some microwaves have a baked potato button; use that when in doubt.

Lengthen the time when using microwaves with less power. An 800 Watt microwave requires 1.5 times the microwaving time.

Using a rotating carousel for microwaving is the best way to get the potato evenly cooked all around. If you dont have a rotating carousel, pause your microwave twice during the microwaving time, and manually turn the potato a half turn each time. To decide when to turn the potato, divide the cooking time into 3 fairly equal units.

If you are in a rush, you can cut open the potato immediately after the microwave stops, add your toppings or not, and then do the final cooking in the microwave by microwaving another 30 to 60 seconds.

You can boil potatoes for mashing more or less the same way. Use thinskinned potatoes and be extra careful not to dry them out. Plastic wrap or simply cooking several in a plastic bag helps.

Highlights from the Biology of Genomes meeting

Highlights from the Biology of Genomes meeting

A recordsetting genome for a towering giant

Deciphering the genome of the loblolly pine is a tall order, as is perhaps fitting for a tree that can grow to be 30 meters in height.

Researchers sequenced the conifers Pinus taeda approximately 24 billion bases of DNA, Steven Salzberg of Johns Hopkins University reported May 10. That surpasses the previous record holder, wheat, by more than 7 billion bases. The DNA is distributed over 12 chromosomes, each about twothirds the size of the entire human genome.

A preliminary analysis suggests the trees may have up to 64,000 proteincoding genes, although Salzberg says the number is probably smaller. Humans have just over 22,000 proteincoding genes.

Next, the researchers will tackle the sugar pine genome. That one is even bigger, with more than 35 billion DNA bases.

Strong swimming sperms secret

A gene variant can make sperm strong and speedy, a study of wild mice suggests.

Researchers compared two species of wild mice one promiscuous, one monogamous to learn how genetic factors produce physical characteristics that may give one species an evolutionary edge.

By pitting sperm from the two species against each other in a race to the top of a test tube, Hopi Hoekstra, a Harvard University evolutionary geneticist, and her group found that the fastest sperm are ones that have tails with a longer midsection. Hoekstra reported May 9 that the team traced the genetic source of that structural difference to a variant in the PRKAR1A gene. In people, male infertility can accompany mutations in that gene.

The genes activity is higher in hybrid males carrying at least one copy of the promiscuous species version than in males with two copies the monogamous version. And males with the promiscuous gene produce sperm with longer midsections and appear to have a mating advantage even when no other males are around. Of the males that sired pups when left alone with a female for a week, 45 percent carried two copies of the promiscuous species version of the gene, while only 25 percent had two copies of the monogamous species version.

In and out of Africa

Migration out of Africa wasnt a oneway journey, a new study suggests. In about 1,000 BC, a large group of people made the reverse trek from the Middle East into eastern Africa, evolutionary geneticist Joseph Pickrell of Harvard Medical School reported May 11.

Those migrants mixed with east Africans, and their descendants carried their genetic heritage into southern Africa.

Pickrell and his colleagues discovered the backtoAfrica migration while investigating a genetic connection between Italians and some southern Africans. Shared genetic variants between southern Europeans and Africans could mean that factions of the original Middle Eastern population migrated both into Africa and into Europe.

Govt to issue executive order to set up coal regulator

Govt to issue executive order to set up coal regulator

Union Finance Minister P. Chidambaram on Friday said that the government will issue an executive order to set up the coal regulator. He added that earlier PFRDA and SEBI were also set up under similar guidelines.

Chidambaram statement came a day after the Union Cabinet, headed by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, gave its nod for the setting up of an independent regulator for the coal sector.

Coal Regulatory Bill will now be introduced in Parliament and pending passage of the Bill, coal regulator will be set up through an executive order, said Chidambaram.

He added that the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs CCEA has approved a hike in natural gas prices. The present gas pricing policy under NELP has been approved by the government for 5 years with effect from April 2014.

The minister also said that gas production in India has declined over the last few years. The importing of gas is simply unaffordable for India. Either we increase the production or do without it. Investments in gas exploration are currently stagnant.