retroauricular node

retroauricular node

The ENT forum was closed to new topics. Since Jan. I have had an enlarged, sore retroauricular node. It is maybe 8mm at its largest and somewhat firm. It is larger in the evening and morning and then seems to get smaller or disappear after I am up and around . My ear was also quite sore and ringing so I went to my primary care doctor in Feb. . She removed some impacted wax but told me there was no infection. Immediately after the wax removal , the ear pain, ringing and node went away for a couple of weeks. The ear pain although to a lesser extent and the node returned. My doctor looked at the ear again and says she sees no infection or wax . She says the node is so tiny she can barely feel it and she doesnt seem to believe me when I tell her it fluctuates. I read that touching the node can inflame it so I did not touch it for 2 weeks and it is still the same. I am still having ear pain and the area around the node is so sore. If I press on the node there is a lot of pain in my ear. C
an there be an infection further down where she cannot see? Can a node take this long to resolve? Can this be something else?


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