Rene Schwiesow About Me Page at Helium

Rene Schwiesow About Me Page at Helium

I am the single mother of two wonderful boys, one 18, the other 14 and they sit at the coure of my being. I currently have two poetry chapbooks published. A Year in the Quilt which honors the journey I took alongside a wonderful woman who crossed over in 2006 and the second book, Beginnings Beget Beginnings which takes a look at relationship between one man and one woman, but on a more universal level all. I am currently back in school to complete my undergrad degree in Transpersonal Psychology with an emphasis in Writing.

Coffee You always tasted like coffee and cream when you would arrive at my door, sweet from three sugars. Youd apologize, but I relished the lick of your lips knowing coffee was much more than a drink it carried memories and friendship. You didnt know but the taste, the aroma of coffee gave me security, brought back afternoons in a European garden with family now long since gone. Associating you with coffee was not the piece d resistance of our relationship, but it reminded me that in you I found myself home..


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