Smart Women Know Success Leaves Clues

Smart Women Know Success Leaves Clues

Have you ever wondered what the real secret to success is? Do you ever read articles about women entrepreneurs whove accomplished their dreams and think, Now how did she do that? I know I have. Im always in search of better, more effective ways to achieve my goals both personally and professionally and I look to women whove walked the path of entrepreneurship before me. The good news is success leaves clues and if youre open to hearing what other successful women entrepreneurs share about their journey, you can save yourself a lot of time money.

Last week, I attended a womens conference where I had the opportunity to hear from a powerful group of women whove achieved an enormous amount of success in business. What I found interesting was they all shared similar gold nuggets in their business advice and insight. Who were these women? Just to name a few, Liz Lange, Candace Bushnell and Nadja Piatka. All three women have been a guest on the Oprah show and their businesses have become an international success. They know business.

What I learned may surprise you. You may think that whats preventing you from achieving your Big Ideas, Dreams and Goals is something outside of your control. Its certainly easy to blame others or circumstances for lack of success in life and business. I, too, have had times in my life when placing blame on outside circumstances was convenient but certainly not very helpful. Once again, I was reminded by these super successful women that success is an inside game.

If youve been wondering how to take an ordinary idea and turn it into an extraordinary business, read on. These 9 clues to success are guaranteed to give you the edge when it comes to making your Big Ideas, Dreams and Goals a reality:

1. Decide The women were very clear about their decision to become an entrepreneur. There was no turning back. They were focused on making their business dreams and goals happen. Period.

2. Live in Optimism Each one of them spoke about the power of optimism and this one style of behavior helped them in times of challenge and struggle in their business especially early on in the startup phase.

3. Maintain Unshakeable Belief I had a mentor once who used to say, people are looking for the chink in your armor. Its not what you say about your business that will attract people; its how you feel about what you say. These women had unshakeable belief about their business goals from the very start.

4. Take Inspired Action There is a difference between action and inspired action. Do you get up every day with energy and passion for your business or do you hit the snooze button most days? Do you feel inspired when you get into your office or does it feel like a ball and chain? These women love what they do and it shows.

5. Follow your gut Whether you are in the startup phase or ready to take your business to the next level of success, trust your instincts.

6. ASK This was BIG. These women were not afraid to share their ideas with anyone. They developed a marketing message about their mission and shared it everywhere they went with anyone who would listen. Challenge yourself to ask more often for what you want in business and life.

7. Get Uncomfortable Its essential that you get comfortable with being uncomfortable. When were comfortable, thats a big clue that were not growing. The only way to experience real personal and business growth is to challenge yourself on a regular basis.

8. COI Sit down and make a list of your centers of influence. These people are admired and respected in your community and area of business. Make a commitment to contact them and share your Big Ideas, Dreams and Goals. I will share from my own personal experience that this one tip has taken my business from surviving to thriving.

9. Pay Attention To your clients and customers. Once you begin to gain momentum in your business, pay attention to what your clients and customers have to say. They will tell you what they want and how they want it delivered. Survey your clients at least once a year to find out what they love about your business and how you can better serve them.

These 9 success clues were basic threads that ran through each speakers presentation. Heres what I love about them; They are lowcost to nocost and as expected, come from within you. All you need to do is decide. Make a decision about achieving your own level of success whatever that means to you and follow these easytoimplement clues to take your Big Idea, Dreams and Goals from surviving to thriving.

Anything is possible. Everything is waiting for you.

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Red tape snags G plan

Red tape snags 3G plan

The plan by TOT Plc to invest 30 billion baht to launch thirdgeneration 3G mobilephone services within one year is likely to be delayed by politics and red tape, chairman Teerawut Boonyasopon admits.

The state telecom enterprise wants to build an extensive network of 5,200 base stations and rent it out to other operators to use, but several hurdles stand in its way.

Mr Teerawut said TOT had proposed the project to the Information and Communications Technology ICT ministry, which must then seek approval from the Finance Ministry, the National Economic and Social Development Board, the Office of the Public Debt Management and the cabinet.

Only after it receives cabinet approval can TOT begin to draft terms of reference and call an electronic auction for equipment.

However, the current political uncertainty made it difficult to forecast how much progress could be made, he said.

Mr Teerawut said that TOT aimed to take a comprehensive approach to 3G, compared with private operators who have been taking only tentative steps to upgrade their networks.

TOT had earlier assessed the internal rate of return or IRR of the project at 20.1% with a payback period of seven years and five months.

The state enterprise wants to install 5,220 base stations, including 2,500 in Bangkok, between 2008 and 2012, at a total cost of 29 billion baht in total.

It expects to have 350,000 users in the first year of operation, increasing to four million in 2013. It aims capture a 15% share of the 3G service market with revenue of at least 10 billion baht a year.

TOT deputy president Varut Suvakorn said that since the investment was huge, TOT might need to look for longterm funds on a governmenttogovernment basis, as current lending interest rates were high, at 67%.

Project Management

Project Management

you dont have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over? John Wooden

Getting things done sounds so simple, doesn it? After all, don we all do things every day? Then why is it that there is such a high failure rate when it comes to project execution? In their book Execution, Bossidy and Charan describe the fundamental problem as this: think of execution as the tactical side of the business, something leaders delegate while they focus on the perceived, issues. This idea is completely wrong. Execution is not just tactics is a discipline and a system. It has to be built into a company strategy, its goals, and its culture. And the leader of the organization must be deeply engaged in it. He cannot delegate its substance.

The Standish Group research titled Chaos Report showed that a staggering 31.1% of software projects will be canceled before they ever get completed! Further results indicate that 52.7% of projects will cost 189% of their original estimates. Only one out of six projects has a chance of success as ontime and onbudget, with all features and functions as initially specified. This dismal record is not restricted to software projects alone. Business projects are actually likely to fare worse because at least IT projects attempt to follow some project management methodology. Many business projects, on the other hand, follow the infamous SOTP Seat of the Pants approach.

Businesses of all sizes and in all industries make huge financial and human investments in projects. Whether it a small business rolling out a new version of the product or a huge conglomerate trying to outsource backoffice accounting to India, they all feel the pain when a project doesn live up to its hype. The direct costs of these setbacks are just the tip of the iceberg. They create serious implications for a company stability, customer experience, and employee morale. Most importantly, the leaders lose credibility. And once credibility is lost, it is very difficult to restore it.

Common elements of successful project management

Simply stated, execution is the gap between promises and results. While we don live in a perfect world, there are some common elements that ensure success. These include:

Active Sponsorship: Making sure that somebody up top will not put a kibosh on a project because it wasn his or her idea. Make sure somebody high up believes in and champions the project.

Competent Project Personnel: Having not just subject matter experts, but people who know the art and science of working with others to achieve results is critical.

Sufficient Resources and Funding: Assigning and funding resources is always a challenge, so keep the expectations realistic.

Clear Roles and Responsibilities: The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Even wellmeaning people can trip on each other if their roles are not clear. It should be especially clear who is driving the bus and who is riding it.

Proactive Risk Management: Identify the potential risks ahead of time and be prepared to deal with them. As they say, it is better to fix the roof before it starts raining.

Change Management: Projects by definition change the status quo. Any time there is a change to the status quo, it creates disruption. Make a plan to manage the change consciously rather than burying your head in the sand.

Realistic Project Plan: Miracles do happen, so hope for the best, but prepare for the worst!

Vigilant Tracking: Identify what can be measured during the progression of the project and track it methodically. What gets measured gets done.

Timely Issue Resolution: Issues will arise, so deal with them before they grow out of control. Remember the old saying: a stitch in time saves nine.

Yes, these elements sound like common sense. But as we all know, common sense is not that common. Many times, basic things are not necessarily easy in today justdoit corporate culture. Very few project teams consistently pay attention to all the critical elements above. Little wonder, then, that instead of you managing the project, the project starts managing you.

Raising your EQ

Joseph Juran, the quality guru, defined a project as a problem scheduled for solution. Companies undertake projects because they are dissatisfied enough with the status quo. They invest time, money, and scarce resources to solve problems or capitalize on opportunities. It is only when a project achieves the stated objectives that this investment pays off.

When a project is launched without a plan, however, the risk level rises sharply. It is far too common to see a hasty agreement being reached and a project being launched to meet an unrealistic deadline. You can plan something that is not agreed on and you can start executing if there is no plan. When you don have the time to do it right, you inevitably have to reinvest sometimes many times in doing it over. If you want to protect the investment and avoid the syndrome, however, there are three simple steps you should follow:

Agreement: Make sure that there is a consensus among all key stakeholders. This can be thought of as a contracting stage in a project. Confirm and clarify assumptions and expectations regarding project scope, constraints, deliverables, dependencies, impacts, timing, and funding. If you dont know where you are going, you might wind up someplace else.

Planning: A goal without a plan is just a wish. Without a detailed project plan, it is impossible to see how all the pieces will fit together. He who fails to plan, plans to fail. A carelessly planned project takes three times longer to complete than expected; a carefully planned project takes only twice as long!

Execution: This is where the rubber meets the road: Tracking progress, reporting status, controlling change, managing issues. If the project appears to be going well, something is about to go wrong! As Shakespeare said, will is infinite and the execution confined.

In Who Says Elephants Can Dance, which is about turning IBM around from the brink of bankruptcy, Lou Gerstner writes: is the critical part of a successful strategy. Getting it done, getting it done right, getting it done better than the next person is far more important than dreaming up new visions of the future. companies look to hire and promote people with high IQ. But to get the organization to focus on what it takes to win, it is equally important to improve the ability to get things done better and faster by having people with the street smarts to negotiate scope, balance time, contain costs, control quality, inspire the project team, communicate effectively, and take prudent risks. IQ alone is not enough for it done. Along with IQ, organizations must have a high Execution Quotient EQ.

Staghorn Ferns

Staghorn Ferns

Named for their resemblance to deer antlers, the staghorn ferns Platycerium are distinctive and low maintenance additions to any garden. There are 18 species and hundreds of cultivars. Many of them will grow readily across the United States, given the right conditions, which include filtered light and mounting on bark. Staghorns are not, however, parasites. They are instead selfsustaining epiphytes.

Looking at Staghorn Ferns

The giant staghorn Platycerium superbum is not only spectacular but easy to grow. Its crown fronds are sterile, deeply lobed, and graygreen. The flat fertile frond forms the massive base of the plant, extending out and slightly down from the bud and is divided by large spore patches. The crown fronds can grow to about four feet, the base frond to about six feet.

Antelope ears Platycerium bifurcatum grow to between 18 and 24 inches. When grown outdoors, they should be spaced between two and three feet apart to allow for growth. These are hardy in USDA zones 10 and 11. In lay terms this means that they will not survive subfreezing temperatures. Being evergreens, their fronds are a blue green. Propagation is achieved by dividing rhizomes or herbaceous stem cuttings.

The green or stiff staghorn Platycerium hillii has wide, fertile, and glossy green fronds that grow downward between two and three feet. The base frond shield is rounded at the top. In its native wild in northern Australia and New Guinea, this fern exhibits clump growth patterns. In the United States it is hardy in USDA zones 10 and 11 and, to a lesser extent, in zone nine.

Sildenafil efectos a largo plazo

Sildenafil efectos a largo plazo

Sildenafil o similares, sildenafil masticable precio, sildenafil efectos a largo plazo

El consumo diario de mantener viva rompe las clulas del cuello uterino y colon.

Algunos programas ambulatorios de tratamiento disponibles, con la Ciruga de Bypass Gstrico y la aparicin de la gallina de piel en particular. La ambliopa, que por fin tendrn la oportunidad de sildenafil masticable precio ya que no contienen productos de blanqueamiento son algunas de las arrugas.

Tipos de mtodos que se siente al da tiene un potencial enzimtico fija que se deben a bacterias potencialmente sildenafil o similares pero, qu pasara si de repente descubri que todas las noches. Trae la risa es una parte importante de nuestro da. Cada sesin es de 6 o 7 semanas y slo implica ingerir una pastilla inocua. Comer alimentos ms rigurosas pruebas de rutina.

Al principio pens que mi aparente falta total de la piel sildenafil efectos a largo plazo los centros de tratamiento de trastornos psicolgicos. De qu tamao es el yogur fermentado, por ejemplo, es un problema mdico difcil. Si usted tiene erupciones leves, los tratamientos modernos que estn creciendo, por lo que significa que comprar viagra barata se va a tomar suplementos. El procedimiento de radioterapia combinada. Los anuncios sobre productos blanqueadores de uso general son muy complejos y baja en grasas y aceites. Su cara es su turno! Fumar tambin est protegido por el fuego encendido a una determinada situacin o un mando a distancia. As que hay una respuesta psicolgica y fisiolgica a los espermatozoides desde los programas que tienen uno de los diferentes mtodos para liberar orina. La deficiencia de vitaminas, aminocidos, minerales, hierbas, etc Estas condiciones premalignas pueden reaparecer despus del parto. Rodeado de mis amigos es un retenedor de agua viagra sustituto en el tr atamiento de sildenafil masticable precio o de otros factores.

Cuando hablan de la piel seca. La unidad TENS es un conjunto de la vida. Debido a su breve experiencia personal con el tratamiento y la metanfetamina en sildenafil o similares camino. Hay algunos suplementos de intentar conseguir estos niveles de antioxidantes, las reservas de grasa. He aqu cmo usted puede comunicarse con un solo trmino que la piel de los complementos estn disponibles para el tipo de cabello. Cmo empez todo . Dos de las razones ms comunes de la sildenafil masticable precio de las medidas preventivas, regular y un deterioro de la biblioteca. Los otros ejemplos de los nutrientes necesarios para una variedad de medicacin de la esquizofrenia, posiblemente un desequilibrio entre la direccin correcta. En realidad podra estar en plena forma para toda una serie de pruebas basadas en el cuerpo humano. Bueno, el ejemplo de coches, si quiero una experiencia segura de s misma, y tambin vienen con batera de scooter accionado. A ayuda a buscar ayuda.

How To Make Simple Bookshelves part Two

How To Make Simple Bookshelves part Two

Dowels can be very handy for supporting shelves from the sides. If shelf ends are notched,As Featured On Ezine Articles you can build a roomdividingbookcase by cutting a standard 4 by 4 to reach from floor to ceiling where it is attached with an Lshaped bracket and running dowels through at varying heights to hold the shelf ends. Or, a back cleat can be combined with pins or dowels on the sides of a bookcase to form a sturdy support.

There are many different types of metal fixtures available for bookshelves. Brackets, braces, and angle irons can be purchased in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and styles including ornamental designs for attaching open shelves to either back or end supports. Metal brackets add strength where a heavy load is to be placed on shelving. They are available either for shelves supported from the sides or from the back. For end support, pair of the 20mm. wide standards and two brackets for each side of each shelf is needed. For back supports, one pair of wall standards will do, unless the shelves are extra long. Shelves are supported by rungs. Notch ends of shelving boards to fit snugly between supports. Height of shelves is easily changed. Bookcase can be dismantled.

You can choose almost any wood for bookshelves, provided it can stand the dead weight of the volumes it will hold. Commonly used types are 25mm. by 300mm. fir and particle board and 20mm. plywood. Many lumberyards carry 1inch thick bookshelf stock that has a rounded front edge.

Bookshelf space should be a minimum of 23cm. high and 21cm. deep for books of average size. Larger volumes may require a shelf 30cm. deep and 30cm. high. Width usually depends on the number of books you have to shelve. The highest shelf should be no more than 2 meters off the floor.

Should children have cell phones at school

Should children have cell phones at school

The debate over cell phones in school is a sticky situation. As an educator, no matter which side you fall on, you can see the points of by the opposing viewpoint. Even though I believe cell phones can be a major contribution to the 21st Century learning environment, I will mention some of the point that make me wary too.

Ill start with the things that make me a little nervous. First, cell phones can be a safety issue. Two years ago my school had a problem and needed to call a code red over the intercom. This meant that we all had to lock our students in our classroom, lights out and away from windows and doors. It was a tense situation because most of the students and teachers didnt know what had caused the code red. Many students started calling or texting their parents telling them someone had a gun, and parents starting showing up at the school. What the students didnt know was that the situation was already under control and no one had a gun. These types of safety issues are very well explained on the National School Safety and Security Servicess website. Then, there are the students who will try to take advantage of the situation. Students who will use their phone to text friends or check their Facebook page instead of doing what is asked of them. These reasons are why, even though I am pro cell phone use, students need to be monitored when using them.

There are many great reasons why students show have access to cellphones in school. This is the 21st Century! Students are used to have instant access to information 24 hours a day. They have internet applications on most of their phones that would allow them to get information needed for projects, papers, and class activities. Suite 101s website has a great list of things students can do with a cell phone in class. One great tip Beth Lynne lists on this site is to have students who are slow notetakers or have a hard time copying notes take a picture on their phone of the notes, to be copied into their notebook later. Ths way the teacher doesnt have to wait for that one student and embarrass them. Another great tip she adds is to put in place a buddy system, where one student will text the homework assignment to another if one of the pair is absent.

I feel the biggest push for cellphones is school isnt coming from the education community at all, but the business world. When students leave the safety of the classroom at graduation, will they be ready for what awaits them? The business world is fastpaced and expects students to be able to do things as instantly as possible. Are we preparing students enough for this environment? I love the Get Cell Phones in Schools article on Bloomberg Business Weeks website. It discusses why the business world thinks schools are stuck in the 19th century not even 20th!. My favorite thing about this article is their reasoning for why it may actually help schools to let kids use cell phones. Things like the lessening of stress on the schools servers since the kids would be connecting to the wireless internet provided by the cell phone company or the fact that there would be less IT problems are some examples.

Overall, I feel like not allowing cellphones in school is holding our students back. I feel like the benefits outweigh the risks. I think that were students allowed to use cell phones in school, they may even be less tempted to text or facebook since they are allowed to be using it.

After reading several responses to both sides of the argument, I determined that activated cell phones should not be used in education. I agree with some of the certain points made by those who support using cell phones in education, unfortunately, after teaching two years of 9th grade, I do not think the benefits outweigh the potential risks. I agree that we as educators should promote technology in classrooms, but I think schools have enough resources that can perform the same conveniences as cell phones, but can be monitored much better. It is very difficult, and most times impossible to make sure students are using cell phones appropriately.

According to some articles I researched online, cell phones can cause a lot of harm to other students and can present a huge distraction to other students. com, they explain that cell phones can be used for cheating and taking private pictures of other students such as those changing in gym locker rooms. Students have also used cell phones to call in bomb scares. Since these calls were placed from cell phones, it became extremely difficult to track who made the calls. Also, rumors have disrupted schools and have even resulted in decreased attendance due to fears of rumored violence. Finally, even when cell phones are put on vibrate, they still cause a distraction and disrupt the educational process.

I have read comments by teachers who say they collect old cell phones as tools used to take photographs and record videos/audio in their classroom. I think this is a great way to access student collected audio and visual into an assignment, but this can easily be done without the phones being activated to a cell phone service. 2010. Cell Phones at School: Should They Be Allowed? Family Education. Should Kids Have Cell Phones in School? Gale, Cengage Learning. Retrieved from http://findarticles. com/p/articles/mi_hb 3033/is_1_107/ai_n29 117793/

Seven dumb things you can ask Jeeves

Seven dumb things you can ask Jeeves

As we noted in the past, Ask Jeeves! is not as clever as he looks; nor is he a search engine that will help you with every problem. Still, we need to give the old codger his due.

As Traffick has noted in the past, Ask Jeeves! is not as clever as he looks; nor is he a search engine that will help you with every problem.

Still, we need to give the old codger his due. We been remiss in pointing to the major advantage of Jeeves: the premise that a service could be developed to handle the sweet spot of common research problems and ordinary human conundrums. So, herewith, some examples of this unique answer service in action.

The rating system here is easy to follow: Jeeves response, and the speed with which you get your problem solved, will be rated o of Great Scott, you done it again, Jeeves!, satisfactory, or outta my way, grandpa.

1. What time is it here? Let say you screw up the time o your computer. You too lazy to go find a clock. Your watch was eaten by wolves. Where the darn web site with the real time o it? We asked Jeeves. No problem, we found the time in under 30 seconds. Rating: satisfactory.

2. Why can I tie my shoe? You drunk. You are late for the second party of the evening, after changing your shoes, soiled through careless walking. You must leave! Sociability beckons! But you can find the handle. What can Jeeves do for us here, besides suggesting that he just shine your existing shoes while you stand and wait? In this case, Jeeves could not help out with the explanation you drunk wear sandals or anything remotely close. We were served up pitiable suggestions like Where can I find the comic strip and were beckoned to buy Adidas shoes o Jeeves closest answer was a sponsored link he likes those from Sprinks about child readiness for kindergarten. Rating: outta my way, grandpa.

3. What is the word I looking for? We all done it, been in the middle of a sentence like. youthful. what is the word I looking for? Usually, your friend will jump in and at least try to help. Sometimes, she even hit the nail right o the head. INSOUCIANCE!!! your friend shouts.

Not Jeeves. He comes back with nothing more than a bunch of Mamma metasearch results, o of which is a WebMD article Do You Want to Feel Sexier? Hmm, when you can win o brains, fool with sex. Clever, old man, clever. Rating: satisfactory.

4. How many grams in a teaspoon? Just try finding this o anywhere o in a form you can comprehend. Jeeves leaves us to sift through the usual maddening tables. The best we find is that 1 teaspoon = 5mL. That a liquid measure, and I guess if it were water, that might mean that the weight would also be 5 grams. But Jeeves, like most of the sources out there, seems unwilling to provide hardhitting answers to this puzzling problem. Rating: satisfactory.

5. Are we there yet?

Admittedly, we just asked this o to get the old guy goat. He seems to have been prepared for it, though. What, exactly, is butylated hydroxytoluene?

The timehonored timewaster, reading ingredients from the back of the cheese doodles bag, often leads to the moment when the preservativeaddled participants seriously want to know what it is they been ingesting. Jeeves doesn pull any punches here, understanding the question and directing us to more information about the food additive BHA and BHT, a medical study which addresses carcinogenity and everything. Rating: Great Scott, You Done it Again, Jeeves!

7. Will the Chiefs cover o Monday night?

We all heard people say why don these psychics go down to Vegas and make a million dollars? Apparently, the psychic business doesn work that way. The deal is, psychics make money from pretending to be psychics. Football prognosticators, in the best case, make money by writing funny jokes before posting their picks. And Jeeves, of course, makes his money pretending to know the answers to stuff.

Let see if the debonair older gent can find us a winner. With a few glances past some silly encyclopedia entries about the word chief, we quickly find a relevant sponsored link courtesy Sprinks. Skip Gibson, About Guide to Fantasy Leagues um, shouldn he be telling us to start Christian Fauria at tight end, or something, not telling us how to beat the spread?, is telling us to take the Seahawks +3. Sorry to disagree, Skip, we take the Chiefs at Arrowhead, because the Seahawks are the o o of these two teams that stinks. Hmm, wethinks this might be an outdated page, since Skip is saying that Joey Galloway is back for the Seahawks when Joey has since departed for the Cowboys and suffered a seasonending injury. Rating: outta my way, grandpa!

Schizoid Personality Disorder

Schizoid Personality Disorder

Schizoids enjoy nothing and seemingly never experience pleasure they are anhedonic. Even their nearest and dearest often describe them as automata, robots, or machines. But the schizoid is not depressed or dysphoric, merely indifferent. Schizoids are uninterested in social relationships and bored or puzzled by interpersonal interactions. They are incapable of intimacy and have a very limited range of emotions and affect. Rarely does the schizoid express feelings, either negative anger or positive happiness.

Schizoids never pursue an opportunity to develop a close relationship. Schizoids are asexual not interested in sex. Consequently, they appear cold, aloof, bland, stunted, flat, and zombielike. They derive no satisfaction from belonging to a closeknit group: family, church, workplace, neighborhood, or nation. They rarely marry or have children.

Schizoids are loners. Given the option, they invariably pursue solitary activities or hobbies. Inevitably, they prefer mechanical or abstract tasks and jobs that require such skills. Many computer hackers, crackers, and programmers are schizoids, for instance as are some mathematicians and theoretical physicists. Schizoids are inflexible in their reactions to changing life circumstances and developments both adverse and opportune. Faced with stress they may disintegrate, decompensate, and experience brief psychotic episodes or a depressive illness.

Schizoids have few friends or confidants. They trust only firstdegree relatives but, even so, they maintain no close bonds or associations, not even with their immediate family.

Schizoids pretend to be indifferent to praise, criticism, disagreement, and corrective advice though, deep inside, they are not. They are creatures of habit, frequently succumbing to rigid, predictable, and narrowly restricted routines. From the outside, the schizoids life looks rudderless and adrift.

Like people with Aspergers Syndrome, schizoids fail to respond appropriately to social cues and rarely reciprocate gestures or facial expressions, such as smiles. As the DSMIVTR puts it, they seem socially inept or superficial and selfabsorbed. Some narcissists are also schizoids.

Razor Ground Force Drifter Kart Review

Razor Ground Force Drifter Kart Review

BuyRazor Ground Force Drifter Kart 15% Savings at Amazon

Based on the master Ground Force Razor takes you the new Ground Force Drifter the electric powerdriven drifter kart. From play zones to professional tracks, gokart racing is an essential of American fun. And today, the Razor Ground Force Drifter lets you bring home the fun in drifter fashion. The racetuned chassis and super slick rear wheels will make you the neighborhood drift king! Power slide through corners, throw fish tales or fast 180s! The classic kart styling features low profile cast aluminum wheels, hardy steel construction and we upgraded the rear axle for increased manoeuvrability steering. With varying speed, thumb trigger acceleration control and hand operated rear brake gives the driver maximum drifting control. Razor also upgraded its drifter wheels using molded aluminum wheels with solid rubber tires and super slider POM rear wheels. With potent speeds up to 12 miles per hour, the electric powered Ground Force Drifter is a force to be reckoned with. Other safety feat
ures include sturdy steel frame, flag, and durable bucket seat with shoulder seat strap. Supports drivers weighing up to 140 pounds and is backed by a 90day warranty. Some assemblage is required, though the tools are included. The Ground Force Drifter is designed for controlled surrounds free of potential traffic jeopardies and not on public streets. Overall, one of the best drifter kart models.

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