Soundproof Blankets

Soundproof Blankets

Today I am going to be discussing the American Soundproof sound blankets. These blankets consist of a solid core of 1 or 2 Lb mass loaded vinyl MLV with 2 treated batts of specialized fiberglass batting. These blankets are then covered with a tought vinyl covering that is sewn over top of the blanket itself. The Sound Blankets connect together with velcro strips and they are very effective at blocking and absorbing loud engine and machinery noises as well as being used to set up a small recording studio or a rehearsal space. I have actually had customers line the entire wall surface of a recording studio with these sound blankets. The fill the void between permanent soundproofing and portable temporary soundproofing.

The sound Blankets can also be used to separate rooms in an apartment or flat where there are no permanent doors between the rooms. This method of using Soundproof Blankets to add privacy and solitude in an area where that would not generally be possible.

The American Sound Blankets can also be used to block out noise if installed over top of windows. They come with Velcro strips to adhered the blankets so they can adhere to the walls around the window frame. These great blankets come with grommets installed, and are suspended via J Hooks mounted in the ceiling or on the wall that houses the window.

The Sound Blankets both absorb and block noise so they are quite effective in any application

The uses for the Sound Blankets are endless, and they are a very effective product to reduce the noise in virtually any application commercial or Residential. For more detailed information about sound blankets or any of our quality soundproofing products and acoustical treatment materials, call the Professionals at Soundproofing America, Inc. Dr. Bob, Adios.


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