Overview Of The General Template Category In Visio

Overview Of The General Template Category In Visio 2007

Microsoft Visio assists users in creating professional drawings, diagrams and illustrations through the use of prebuilt shapes, drawing elements which may be customised to meet the users requirements. Visio contains thousands of shapes grouped into floating palettes called stencils. Stencils are further grouped into templates. When creating a new drawing, the user has the option of using one of these templates. To make it easier to find the template you want, they are arranged into categories. When you create a new drawing, clicking a category on the left of the screen displays all the templates in that category on the right. In this article, we will examine the templates in the General category.

The Basic Diagram template can be used for business and other nontechnical drawings, diagrams and illustrations. When you create a drawing using this template, Visio will display the Basic Shapes stencil which contains simple geometrical shapes, arrows and lines. This template can be used to create just about any illustration where you are not too concerned with technical accuracy. As well as the Basic Shapes stencil, the template also contains the Backgrounds and Borders and Titles stencils.

For general flowcharts and organization charts, there is the Basic Flowchart template; it contains the Basic Flowchart Shapes, Backgrounds and Arrow Shapes stencils. It can be used to create flow diagrams representing a wide variety of processes. The logic represented by the various shapes is used in many different industries. Circles or rounded rectangles are used to represent the start or end of a process, while a rectangle represents the process itself. A diamond shape is used to represent a decisionmaking step which usually has two exit arrows representing true and false.

The Block Diagram template contains basic twodimensional and threedimensional shapes which can be used to represent both objects and abstract ideas. There are two shape stencils: Blocks, which contains 2D shapes and Raised Blocks, which contains 3D shapes.

The final template in the General category is the Block Diagram with Perspective template. It has similar shapes to the Block Diagram template but has one important addition: the vanishing point tool. This is an icon which can be moved to any part of the page and represents the point at which objects seem to disappear in the distance. As the VP icon is moved around the page, 3D objects are automatically reshaped so that their perspective aligns with the new vanishing point.


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