I Never Know What To Say

I Never Know What To Say

Thats from the questionnaire all my students send in right after they sign up for my 3 Scripts 100 customers 100 days telecourse. The Health Consultant line bores me. Im a Network Marketer line turns my stomach. Im a National Director with MY COMPANY NAME line is responded to by yawns, mine included.

Believe it or not, I usually make something up on the spot, so I dont have to use one of those terrible opening oneliners! Crazy, but true. And then I hope that the person I am speaking to asks me what I am drinking so that I can tell them all about NAME of MY PRODUCT.

Network marketing is a business whose moneymaking mantra is:

Talk to people: Talk to people: Talk to people.

And yet no company nor its trainers give new recruits any usable instruction on what they should say to people about what they do, what they market, or how they make income for when theyre talking to potential sales reps.

At Starbucks, the new recruits get 2025 hours training learning to make 33 basic drinks and another 30+ variations before they set foot on the floor. All that to earn $6.75/hour.

So for 10 hours/week, the new employee earns about $200/mo. And thats AFTER they have demonstrated that they know how to make 33 drinks and the variations.

How much income is it, again, that they offer recruits in network marketing for working say 10 hours/week? Was that $1000/mo? Or $5000?

And how much time did they train you in how to talk to people? Did you ever have to demonstrate that you know what to say to people in all the different situations you come across them in?


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