Mini Bike Information

Mini Bike Information

Original mini bikes became popular in the 50s with many people using these miniature motorcycles as pit bikes for drag racers. Unlike bicycles, mini bikes allowed people to get around the pit lanes quickly and easily and also did not use any more space in the trailer as a bicycle did.

The racers which created these mini bikes would often use them at home or around their neighborhood where other people were seeing them and liked the idea of a miniature motorbike. Theses bikes became very popular very quickly and it wasnt long before companies such as Rupp mini bikes and Arctic cat were producing these mini bikes to sell.

Mini bikes now come in many different forms with many different engines to choose from including 2 stroke and 4 stroke engines. It is from the original mini bikes that the ideas came around for many more styles of mini bikes, including the Japanese inspired mini moto style bikes. These are miniature replicas of GP bikes road racing bikes and today often copy the styles of the motorbikes used for moto GP racing by the likes of Valentino Rossi.

We also now have pit bikes, which are mini motocross bikes. These are becoming very popular and there are many competitions which are being set up for these bikes with competitions similar to those on full size motocross bikes, including freestyle riding and racing.

Mini chopper bikes have also been created, these are miniature versions of larger choppers such as Harley Davidson bikes and similar.

Mini bikes are now popular throughout the world, with a massive market for these mini motorcycles. This craze really has sweeped the globe and is taking it by storm.


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