Keeping Things Relevant

Keeping Things Relevant

Hello My name is Steven Rutherford, it is with great enthusiasm that I write this article today.

You definitely need to be positive to some extent anyway I know because I know several people that are so negative about everything that even if the greatest opportunity presented its self to them for free they would run away because there is a catch somewhere in there that will get them. What can I say the point here is and Im sure you have heard this before that you will get out of life what you put into it.

Yes I have my own personal problems just like everyone out there that has ever walked on the planet and I do my best to deal with them But I also dont focus on them. I have a time to deal with them and then I get on with my day.

As far as luck goes good or bad that to me would be relinquishing control over my life to someone or something that has control over me or at least my situation. NO WAY will I ever admit to or submit to that belief it just is not going to happen. Do I believe there are smarter people than me out there oh yes my son who I am very proud of is one of them he has his masters degree in architecture.

Anyway what I do believe in is knowing people that have an interest in your field of interest,the more the better so you can not only help each other out on different things but also have opportunities made available to each other when someone needs the help. This is a wonderful thing indeed. Another big one in my world is personal self esteem, I do believe that if I want to do something or know how to do something that I either already know how to do it or I can find out how to do it. So please dont tell me I cant do something but rather how or where I can go to learn the necessary thing to do. So heres to making friends, may we all be in a position to learn something new from each of us..


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