Joe Scarborough was joking

Joe Scarborough was joking

Joe Scarborough said Bill Karins was fired? AP Photo

I saw people searching for Bill Karins fired this morning, so I wrote a post about Bill Karins, the meteorologist on Joe Scarboroughs Morning Joe show trying to find out what happened.

Update: Thanks to Andrew commenting below, it seems Morning Joe mustve just been joking about Bill Karins being fired Andrews says that Bill Karins is just on jury duty.

Ive seen this happen before, where jokes are misinterpreted and cause confusion.

Thus far, one person named Bob Thanks, Bob commented that, Today on Morning Joe Scarborough said Karins was fired.

So now Im on the hunt to figure out why Bill Karins was fired, if all of this is really true. Agree, not professional. Team seems very relaxed this AM. msnbc about 3 hours ago

So obviously something is going on and Im trying to get to the bottom of it.

If she does, Ill update this post.

In the meantime, if youve got any info about Bill Karins leaving Morning Joe for greener pastures or weedier paths leave a comment below.

I definately watched some kind of ontheair tension coming from Mika toward Bill Karins on Morning Joe a few weeks ago. One morning when Joe was not there, Mika was the anchor that day. During the opening 15 minutes of the program between 6am and 6:15 am, Mika introduced the weather with Bill Karins. She acted peculiar right there on camera, uttering and behaving like, What? Bills doing the weather?? Uh, why, uh, is HE.?? Then Karins joked about being there on probation. Ive been trying to find out what that tension was about!


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