Introduction to Time and Attendance Systems

Introduction to Time and Attendance Systems

Time and attendance systems make tracking and organising the work hours of employees simple and straightforward. Indeed, these clockingin systems can provide companies with the twin benefits of reducing their administration processes and inspiring greater employee confidence in the accuracy of their salaries. In addition to these benefits, investing in an attendance recording system can also help to streamline a business by indirectly increasing productivity and decreasing costs.

How it works

Employees use a time and attendance system to clockin and out of work whenever they start or finish a shift. This is done by swiping a unique ID which may come in the form of a barcode, magnetic stripe or pin code through a time recording device a reader. Proximity cards can also be used, as these allow employees to clock in or out by waving the card near the reader instead of swiping it through.

Types of systems

The type of attendance recording system a company chooses to purchase will depend largely upon the requirements of their own particular business. Happily there are many different solutions available to suit all needs and circumstances. As well as traditional standalone time recorders, there are also more comprehensive solutions available which are fully compatible with HR, payroll and access control systems. Indeed, some time recording systems can cater for personal schedules, such as overtime, holidays and sick days, as well as gauge instances of lateness or absenteeism. Even more complex systems can allow companies to carry out management activities such as worker scheduling, productivity estimating and labour forecasting. In fact, there are some systems that can even provide detailed information regarding individual work tasks or projects performed each day.


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