Which One Gets Businesses the Most Oomph

Which One Gets Businesses the Most Oomph

A post by Website Factory Plus looked at a video on Google and the Yellow Pages, to see which one was the most effective. It turns out the Yellow Pages might be a little displeased with Website findings.

Yellow Pages May Not Get the Success It Looking For Online

Yellow Pages recently changed its name to reflect a stronger focus on local marketing, but that might not help, if this study is any indication. In the post, there were four very important bits to make note of:

92% chose Google over the Yellow Pages

46% choose the top result

30% never leave the top 5 listings

No one went past the first page of the SERPs

What This Information Indicates

Basically, businesses that operate online, and aren at least doing some SEO, won have much hope when it comes to generating traffic through search. The top five spots is where the money is really at, and after that, it declines sharply. This is not exactly groundbreaking news, however.

What is rather quite interesting was the large number of people who chose Google over the Yellow Pages. I don think businesses should avoid getting their listings in the yellow pages, but it definitely something to pay attention to when planning your marketing budget. If you start finding the same results with your local directory listings, it may be a good sign to place a little more emphasis on local search results.

Can the Yellow Pages Turn Things Around?

Hearing numbers like this, you might think it would essentially mean the end of the traditional business directory, but that just not true; there are a number of things they can do to get an edge over the search giant.

Recently, on TV, Yellow Pages began advertising their online directory, as well as an app that featured coupons, deals and other features. If they can drive up enough interest here, they could cement themselves as the household search engine for local businesses. The advantage here is that, while Google has TV ads, they yet to really push ads for their local results into user homes. The Yellow Pages is also setting itself up to compete with geosocial coupon sites as well.

Bottom line: If the Yellow Pages search dynasty hopes to survive, it needs to carve out its own niche. It needs to become indispensible in every day households and it needs to do it in a way that takes advantage of the large database of information they have access to.

Make Your Business Listing Stand Out

Whether you choose to stick with Google, focus on directories like the Yellow Pages, or use both mediums, standing out and differentiating yourself from your competitors is absolutely vital. Here are some great resources for ensuring your local marketing is a success:


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