How to Discover Joint Venture Opportunities

How to Discover Joint Venture Opportunities

Joint VenturesHeling Each Otherby Susan Schaffer

Look for two separate online businesses whos products and/or services

complement each other. Explain to them how they could combine and make their profits grow. They may already share links with each other and therefore realize the benefit of joint promotion so thats half the battle or two offline businesses that would compliment each other such as a restaurant and a movie theater, this is already being done in many areas. Think of all of the people that eat out before or after the movie anyway think date night.

If you are strapped for cash but want to create a really good website, approach a college student who is studying the computer field. Explain to him that you have a really good product but dont want to develop the website yourself. Offer to the person a percentage of the profits in exchange for his design.

No two businesses have exactly the same customer base, advertising methods, or ideas unless they already in this kind of partnership. Why not learn from each other, share resources, and both increase sales! You may already be doing this by posting another owners link. Since the other person may not be familiar with your product, it is a good idea to exchange testimonials because customer satisfaction is a wonderful selling point.

If you want to approach a big business you may want to first meet with a manager of the local store and then suggest that she take the information back to the district manager. It may mean more coming from that person, who is already a trusted name with the store, rather than you.


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