How To Delete Apps

How To Delete Apps

If you are one of the many people new to Android smartphones, you may be still trying to figure everything out. If you were anything like me, you probably have downloaded quite a number of free apps from the Android Market to get a feel for what your new phone is capable of. Chances are, you are probably ready to clean out some of those apps you didnt like all that much. By deleting apps, you free up space to allow your phone to run more smoothly, or you could just install more apps with the new space.

In the following quick tutorial, I will show you how to delete the apps you have installed on your phone.

Some apps on Android phones cannot be deleted easily. As a new user of Android phones, you will have to grasp the concept of bloatware. Bloatware is similar to all of those junk programs on a new computer when you take it out of the box for the first time. They are loaded with trials, popups, and demos. In the end they are only one thing. Annoying.

Android smartphones are the same way. There is one major difference though. Unlike the programs on a new computer, you cannot remove bloatware from a smartphone without a serious overhaul of your phones operating system. For those of you familiar with the term, you must root your phone to get rid of these unecessary apps. If you really want to get rid of them, you will have to research rooting some more.

Thats it! Youve just uninstalled an Android app. Now go back and do it again for all of those halffunctioning widgets you probably downloaded! Keep in mind that any apps you download from the Android Market can be installed, uninstalled, and reinstalled again. Even if you paid for the app, the Market will keep track of the apps you paid for, and let you redownload them any time you wish. This comes in handy for people like me who just cant seem to have enough space. Good thing we can save some of them to the SD card! Have fun!


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