MaslowsStages of Learning

Maslows 4 Stages of Learning

Many life coaches derive their practices from the tenants of humanistic psychology and positive psychology. Humanistic psychology was a precursor to the modern movement of positive psychology. It focused on a holistic approach to human existence that emphasized meaning, values, and freedom. One of the most important psychologists of this school of thought was Abraham Maslow. In addition to his Hierarchy of Needs that many people are aware of, he also developed what became known as the 4 Stages of Learning or Competence. It can be a very helpful framework to understand when approaching your own personal development.

The first stage is Unconscious Incompetence. This means that the individual does not know how to do something and also does not realize the deficit exists. At this stage you dont know something, but also dont realize that you dont know something.

Next, Conscious Incompetence is entered. At this stage the individual still does not know how to do something but also recognizes the deficit between their ability and the skill. You would understand that there is value in learning a new skill but currently be unable to execute it at this stage.

Thirdly, an individual would enter the stage of Conscious Competence. Conscious Competence means that an individual understands how to do something and can execute the skill through concentration. It must be broken into steps and when the individual fully concentrates on it, they can execute the skill.

The fourth and final stage is Unconscious Competence. This is usually the ultimate goal of a learning process. At this level a skill has become second nature and can be executed with very little thought. Achieving this stage requires extensive practice and dedication. Most importantly, this is the level that generally allows someone to teach a skill to somebody else.

When thinking about your own quest for personal development it can be helpful to understand what level of Maslows Four Stages of Learning youre currently at. In terms of life coaching, a coach can help with the first three levels of the model. The fourth and final level is the result of individual dedication and hard work.

However, when you lack the knowledge of something very important, the motivation and hunger to learn more is ignited. But if for any reason, that the individual decide to take the path of ignorance, there is little anybody can do to help. The starting point of acquiring any skills which is usually very uncomfortable is to be aware of what you dont know and a sincere desire to learn.

Usually, your life coach will recourse to the popular and most intuitive approach of the conscious competence ladder credited to many different possible originators which helps to manage our emotions during very some disappointing learning process.

So much so, it helps us to connect with the emotions of people we working with, such that we can better coach them through the learning process to get them going irrespective of the circumstances around them.


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